Simulator Training Courses

Training Courses

Although you can learn many analytical tools from a textbook, the real challenge lies in applying those tools to the “real world.”

Our simulation training courses are structured to bridge the gap between theory and the practical knowledge and skills you need to start your career in finance. Our Learning courses have been carefully designed to provide a cost-effective way to learn key skills aligned to specific roles and careers.

An important learning outcome is the realisation that individual decisions have an extended and dissipative impact on an organisation. ICAP Training Solutions provides this opportunity in a controlled, dynamic framework, which challenges students and practitioners to integrate their finance training with real-world situations. Our proven, solutions-oriented training courses are designed to contribute to the growth and development of strong and sustainable markets throughout the continent.
Working in association with our partners, we offer a range of simulated banking and financial work situations which have been tested and proven to be of significant benefit to participants. Our ‘real-life’ simulations are based on the integration of research, mathematical probabilities, and actual scenarios.
The positive outcomes of the simulation experience are more motivated individuals with improved skills who return to the workplace inspired and re-energised. The simulation programs are offered as public workshops, or can be run in-house, tailored to your needs.