Battle of the Banks


Battle of the Banks Africa 2023


The best of the best were tested to the limit in this year’s competition. They competed against the market and against each other, stretching their bank management capabilities through simulations that draw upon real-time experiences faced by bank executives.

See who the winners were in the clash of Africa’s banking giants, of this 8-week business simulation challenge!

The Battle of the Banks program transformed my approach to banking. The insights gained were priceless and have given me a competitive edge in my career.

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Battle of the Banks

The Battle of the Banks Online Bank Management Competition is an action based online learning tool for young bankers across Africa.

The aim of the competition is to educate Africa’s young bankers on how to best manage a bank’s risk through gaining insight into how the different areas of the business interact to enhance overall business and financial performance, and how key macroeconomic indicators impact the decision-making process in a bank. Participants are exposed to the challenges of risk management strategies, corporate governance, and business ethics.

The course is unique, with the simulated environment and competition element encouraging Africa’s Young Bankers to get involved, learning from the online training workshops, and interacting with their colleagues in their quest for knowledge, and to lift the title of Africa’s best young Bankers.

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1st Place - KBCL Bank

Congratulations to KCBL Bank, the proud winners of the Tanzanian Bankers Challenge 2023. Discover their incredible journey and what made them the ultimate champions. Watch their inspiring story.

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Exclusive CEO Interview: Tanzanian Bankers Challenge 2023

Get an exclusive look at the Tanzanian Bankers Challenge 2023 with a sit-down interview featuring our CEO, Yonatan Rom. Gain insights into their thoughts, vision, and the journey that led to this unforgettable event.

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Meet the Second Runner-Up - Azania Bank

Join us in celebrating Azania Bank, the deserving second runner-up in the Battle of the Banks Challenge 2023! Explore their impressive performance and the determination that earned them this honourable position.

Battle of the Banks Africa

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2022 TIOB Tanzania

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2021 FNB Namibia

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Tanzanian Bankers Challenge

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KCBL (Team 2)

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